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Real Estate FAQs

New York City real estate FAQs

Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn

About J.One Corporation

J.One Real Estate is a solid and honest company. We always try to provide sincere service that leads to tomorrow rather than today’s profit. He has persuaded many landlords of the magnificence of the Japanese people, and his trust has led to a more generous acceptance of the Japanese. In addition, in the United States, where there are many real estate troubles, we are working day and night to prevent troubles somehow. We only use highly experienced and trustworthy agents with New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut real estate licenses, and we strive to do a thorough job.

Benefits of using J.One Real Estate

  1. From budget to luxury properties, we have a wide range of New York City, (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn), New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, Greenwich. One of the largest number of properties in Japan.

  2. As the only real estate company in New York with an employee system, it is possible to provide high-quality services within a corporate organization. (Other companies use a complete commission system, and each agent functions like a private store. Therefore, there are many agents who introduce properties that are more expensive than the customer’s desired budget and pursue only their own profits. There is also the fear that once the commission is taken, no one will do the work, and once the person in charge quits, no one will take over. There is.)

  3. Due to the company organization, it is possible to efficiently guide you to different places such as NY, NJ, CT, and suburbs. (Other companies require you to travel to each regional office yourself, and each location has a different agent.)

  4. On the day of the tour, we can pick you up at your hotel, station, or office. (We may not be able to pick you up, so please contact us.)

  5. We also offer residing package services such as airport pick-up, short-term to long-term moving. For details, please refer to “Resident”.

  6. One of the largest short-term properties in Japan. We also have a doorman building with a washing machine of the highest quality.

Rent in new york

Flow until contract (rental)

If you are a resident, please see the “Resident” page.

  1. Please let us know your request and desired date and time by phone or inquiry form.

  2. While guiding you efficiently, we will also introduce the school and the townscape at the same time. During the guidance, we will also ask you for advice on living, including the school district.

  3. Please let us know if you find a property you would like to contract. Make an offer to the landlord.

  4. If your offer is accepted, we will help you to proceed with the contract.
    For the day of your move-in,

    • Elevator reservations for furniture delivery,

    • key handover,

    • Introduction of

    • insurance and rental furniture,

    • We will help you establish electricity, cable TV, telephone, internet, etc.

  5. The aftercare service after moving in is also substantial.

when to borrow

Many landlords often rent out their properties when they are vacant. Therefore, it is best to start looking for properties 1.5 months to 2 weeks in advance. Properties two months ahead have not yet appeared on the market. In many cases, the rent for your current residence and the rent for your new apartment overlap for about half a month, but in the long run, it is safer.

Contract period

New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) apartments usually have a 1-year or 2-year contract period. However, depending on the property, short-term or long-term contracts may be possible, so we will negotiate on a case-by-case basis.


Vacancy rates for good properties in popular neighborhoods of New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) are consistently low, competitive, and can disappear from the market within hours. Due to the fast turnover of the market, new properties appear every day and many properties disappear every day. There are many requests to “Give me property information”, but it is the New York City market that you do not know what will be left in three days. Timing is very important when searching for properties.

popular city

Midtown East, Midtown West, Upper East, and Upper West Doorman Buildings are popular with expatriates. For those with small children, the Upper East and Midtown East areas are popular because of their good elementary school districts. Some JFK Airport workers live in apartments, high rises and condominiums in Forest Hills, Kew Gardens and Lego Park in Queens. Astoria, Sunnyside and Long Island City apartments are popular with international students in New York.

security and rent

Be careful if you live in an unsafe area. In general, cheap properties are often located in rough neighborhoods, where there is a risk of murder or theft. We recommend choosing a safe area even if the rent is a little high. If you are concerned about safety, we recommend a building with a doorman. At J.One Real Estate, we will introduce good properties that emphasize security.

market price

Rent prices in New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) go up and down. Also, those who have previously signed a contract may rent at a very low price, so it is necessary to understand the market price on that day. Properties range from the very best to the worst in the city.


Please let us know in advance if you have pets. Please note that there are many properties that do not allow pets, so finding an apartment can be a little difficult. However, we also handle some properties where pets can be kept, so please consult with the person in charge.

For international students 

Most landlords refuse international students and require a guarantor, but at J.One Real Estate, we handle many properties that make the examination easier due to our long-standing trust with the landlord. We also have cheap apartments, so please contact us. In the case of international students, it is better to have a monthly amount of support from parents, and at the same time, proof of balance and proof of income from parents. Also, room sharing and homestay with people from different cultures are very difficult and there are many problems. What is common sense for Japanese people is often insane for people from other countries, and many unexpected problems arise. Please consult with a J.One employee who has lived in the United States for a long time, including living conditions.

How to find properties

Please contact J.One Real Estate directly by email or phone. We will consult with you for free. We will search thousands of property information for housing that meets your needs and guide you to properties that interest you free of charge. When signing a contract, you will need your passport and cash or a check (rent and security deposit), so please prepare them in advance. The contract method, procedure, and items to prepare differ depending on the landlord, so if there is a property that you like, we will advise you each time. We will explain even difficult contracts in an easy-to-understand manner until you are satisfied. In addition, in order to ensure that you can move in smoothly, we will arrange the key delivery method, etc., and help you with setting up telephone, gas, electricity, etc. if necessary. Please rest assured that we will follow up after you move in.

Tips for finding properties

Due to the shortage of quality properties, please understand that there is no perfect rental property that meets your needs 100%. In other words, there must always be a compromise at some point. It is important where to place emphasis on rent, security, quality, and location, and where to compromise. If you focus on cheap rent, it will be easier to find an apartment in a wider area, and you will have to compromise on quality. Also, speed is important because cheap and good properties are taken immediately. Once you have made a decision, you will need money immediately, so please prepare at least two months’ worth of deposit and rent. Landlords in New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) tend to believe only in money, and whoever puts money in gets priority. Americans are so quick to make a decision that they can write a check on the spot when they want to take it, so it is necessary to be quick enough to win the competition. Also, there is a time difference between Japan and the United States, so if you need the approval of your family or company when deciding on an apartment, make sure to do so in advance.

Please be aware that once you have made the decision to rent an apartment, you may not be able to cancel it even if you have not actually signed the contract. In many cases, due to opposition from family members or companies, penalties for canceling the contract are imposed, or the property is taken by someone else due to the time difference. In order to avoid such problems, please talk with your family and company in advance, including things such as location and rent. Also, regarding real estate, this New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) is flooded with information. Most of the information is unsubstantiated false information, so please do not be misled by such information. At J.One Real Estate, which has a wealth of experience, we will work with you to find a property while explaining your needs until you are satisfied.

J.One real estate property information

The property information on this site is the property information of MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which registers property information from landlords with whom J.One has a long-standing relationship and property information from New York’s real estate agent database. J.One Real Estate has properties other than this, and we also handle properties in other counties. You can access more than 10,000 properties on J.One Real Estate, but good properties can be rented in half a day, so please contact us directly. From the properties on the market at that time, we will introduce properties that meet your needs. J.One Real Estate covers all areas popular with Japanese people, centering on New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn). While many Japanese real estate companies handle only luxury properties such as detached houses, we also handle cheap apartment properties, so you can find properties that meet the needs of all Japanese people.

Points to note when looking for a rental property 

  1. Why watch out for cheap properties:
    Cheap properties often have defects such as poor security, inconvenient, small, and many problems. The price is attractive, but we recommend that you do not live in the danger zone.
  2. Do not sublease:
    Many Japanese have been sued because many subleases are illegal. Subleasing is only possible with the landlord’s permission. Therefore, please be very careful of contractors who easily recommend subleasing.
  3. People Rumor:
    There seems to be a lot of sloppy rumors on the internet these days. Real estate law is complex and often differs from practice. If you have any questions, please contact a J.One real estate employee.
  4. Internet and bulletin boards:
    The internet is full of dangers. There are many unimaginable problems in Japan, such as companies that claim no fee but still charge, or pretend to be the landlord to take money even though they are not the landlord. It is better not to trust information on the Internet. Be careful with delicious stories.
  5. Online real estate agent:
    There are many unlicensed and illegal real estate agents on the internet. There is a high possibility that you will be sued, deceived, or get into trouble, so be careful. Beware of suspicious people who do not list their office address, hide their offices, or work alone. It is a law that the company name and address must be posted. If you rent from such a company, please be aware that it will be a big trouble after moving in.
  1. Reservation change:
    When you make an appointment with J.One Real Estate, we make reservations with many landlords. It takes a lot of time to find a property, and when you make a reservation, the landlord is often waiting on site, so if you change the reservation, it will cause a lot of trouble, so please be sure to let us know in advance. .
  2. Cancel:
    There are many properties that require a penalty for cancellation after the contract, so it is important to make a firm decision when deciding. Please be careful not to give an easy reply.
  3. Use of multiple real estate companies:
    If you use multiple real estate companies, the properties will be duplicated. Please be aware that if you visit the same property with two companies and sign a contract for the same property, you may be charged a fee by both real estate companies. If there is a property that you have seen in advance, be sure to tell the other real estate company to avoid duplication.

Trouble looking for real estate

In the United States, landlords have more authority than tenants, and the races of landlords are diverse, and their common sense varies widely. How you sign a contract and how you interact with the landlord after you move in also differ depending on the landlord. In other words, if you don’t know your landlord well, you are likely to get into trouble. They say they will fix the problem, but they don’t actually do anything. Common sense in Japan doesn’t work.
In addition, there are cases where other companies acted as an intermediary and became a problem.・There were many complaints about real estate agents who pursue only profits, such as the fact that they did not properly explain the examination period and expenses for condominiums. In the United States, where there are many such problems, J.One Real Estate strives to introduce landlords who are accustomed to Japanese people even among landlords who have been doing business with us for many years and who have less trouble. Also, in order to reduce troubles, we strive to explain in a way that is easy for customers to understand.


Some realtors and landlords in New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) are often reluctant to lend to Japanese people. It seems that there are many cases in which many Japanese people see properties offered by American real estate companies, but when it comes time to take them, they are rejected for some reason. Their primary concern is income, not race. In New York, there is usually a strict income screening, and an annual income of at least 40 times the monthly rent of the apartment you are trying to rent is required.
Also, many landlords seem to only lend to people with a social security card and a good credit history. Many landlords do not trust your income in Japan, your guarantor in Japan, or your balance in Japan. This means that even if there is a property, it may be rejected for review or for other inexplicable reasons. We have built trust with many landlords over the years, and we have prepared many properties that understand Japanese people and make the examination easier with our trust, so you can rest assured. The secret to finding an apartment in New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) is not the property, but the “good landlord”.

what you need

What you need to rent an apartment or detached house depends on the property and your credit card, but basically travelers’ checks and credit cards cannot be used. We recommend that you have cash on hand as cash can be exchanged for other payment methods in any real estate contract. Condominiums need to submit a lot of documents for examination. The biggest concern for landlords is how to pay the rent. In order to prove your bank balance and to show that you have a solid income, please prepare an employment certificate from your company in advance. It will go smoothly if you prepare the following necessary items in advance. Please consult with us at the time of the examination, as it will vary depending on the customer’s situation.

for New York City
Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn

  • Definitely need:
    1 month rent, 1 month security deposit, 15% brokerage fee of annual rent (total required expenses: 3.8 months of rent), passport, employment certificate letter, income certificate (annual income of 40 times or more than monthly rent is stated) (preferably the amount includes housing allowance, etc.)
  • Sometimes needed:
    2 months security deposit, 1-3 letters from the referrer, proof of bank balance, driver’s license, application fee ($50-$1,000 as a fee to be paid to the landlord. It varies depending on the property.)
  • Rarely needed:
    1 year advance rent, guarantor’s letter, bank letter, other fees, interview with management, letter from previous landlord, pet security deposit, move-in procedure fee, board (building management association) screening fee $500~$3,000 .

Brokerage fee

J.One Realty’s New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) real estate commission is 15% of annual rent. In Japan, key money and fees are required for 3 months, but in New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn), the key money and fees are 1.8 months, which is cheaper than in Japan. In terms of the total initial cost, when contracting an apartment in Japan, it usually takes 6 months, but in Long Island and Queens, New York, depending on the property, it is possible to contract for about 3.8 months. There is no deposit system like in Japan, so you will need to pay the rent, security deposit and fees immediately.

Remittance method

The most convenient way is to make a card in Japan that you can withdraw the money deposited in Japan at an ATM near New York, which is handled by Japanese postal savings and major city banks. About $4,000 can be withdrawn in cash at one time, so it’s convenient when renting an apartment. Unfortunately, there are many cases where you cannot pay by credit card or traveler’s check, so please be careful. Also, it is convenient to use internet banking.

Regarding furniture

Furnished properties are very rare except for short-term properties. J.One Real Estate can introduce rental furniture from $65 to $400/month. We can also inform you about furniture stores such as IKEA, so please ask the staff.

Installation of various services

Basically, you cannot apply for telephone, electricity, gas, internet, cable TV, etc. except yourself. Please let us know.

real estate terminology


One room type. With bathroom. There is also a room where only the kitchen is separate and he is in. 1K or 1DK in Japan.

1 bed:

It has a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bath and toilet. 1LDK in Japan.


Sublet. The act of renting an apartment to others while you are away for a long period of time. (If you do not have the landlord’s permission, it will be an illegal act, so please be careful.)

0.5 bath or 0.1 bath:

Bathrooms with only a toilet are called 0.5 baths or 0.1 baths.


From the outside, it looks like a large single-family house, but it is a two-family house, split left and right, or split up and down. If it is divided symmetrically, there are two separate households from the left and right doors, often with a living room and kitchen on the first floor and three bedrooms on the second floor. Most of the properties are relatively new. In New York City, there are stairs in the apartment, and it is also called Duplex because it has a two-story structure.


Property where 2 or more households can live.


Row house type where the house is connected to the side. They are generally low-rise condominiums, and many of them are relatively new. Some sites are gated communities where the entire site is surrounded by gates and there are security guards and doormen at the entrance. Residential buildings with 3 or 4 floors are common in Manhattan.


Condominium type. Each house has a different owner. Permission from the landlord and permission from the board (union) are required to move in. For some condominiums, the screening process is complicated and takes a long time. Many properties are from the 1980s and later.


A property in which co-op holders have the right to live (like the owner). Rentals are often restricted. Other coops are more complex and time consuming to review, and are more likely to be rejected. Many old properties.

Real estate sales, management, investment, office space, shops, commercial real estate

J.One is a comprehensive real estate company. We also handle real estate other than rentals in general, so please contact us directly by email or phone.

Real estate sales/management/investment

Long-term residents of New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) have a wide range of needs, including those who are thinking about purchasing or investing. For first-time buyers, buying in the US can be difficult. From how to make a loan to how to choose a property that meets your needs, you need the opinion of an experienced expert. At J.One Real Estate, we analyze properties from various angles and introduce properties with an eye toward future sales so that we can manage our customers’ valuable assets in the most meaningful way. Also, of course, if you want to sell your current real estate or want to invest in real estate, please feel free to contact us. We will search for a buyer by making full use of all the data of J.One Real Estate.

Office space, stores, commercial real estate

Please leave the office space that will be the face of the company to J.One Real Estate. We efficiently select properties according to size and occupation from the largest commercial real estate database in the United States. While there are very few Japanese commercial brokers in New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn), J.One Real Estate has employees with extensive experience in commercial real estate. We will fully support the launch of the office that will be the pipeline of the company. It is also possible to introduce experts in everything from infrastructure setup to layout, so please feel free to contact us. As with housing, of course, guidance and consultation are all free!

Flow of buying a property in New York (buying and selling)

  1. First of all, please inform J.One Real Estate’s experienced experts of detailed information such as your budget and purpose of purchase.
  2. We will quickly list properties that match your purchase purpose, such as for your home or for investment. At the same time, we will also explain the expenses necessary for purchasing and the future flow.
  3. We recommend that you proceed with loan-related procedures at the same time. We will introduce you to a mortgage broker upon request.
  4. On the day of the property guidance, we will guide you while comparing the surrounding market price and past sales amount.
    If there is a property you would like to purchase, we will put in an offer.
  5. Please be assured that J.One real estate employees will help you with the offer. If the offer is accepted, we will pay a down payment and the seller’s lawyer will draw up a contract.
  6. On the day of closing, you will sign many documents and pay the rest of the money. Please be assured that J.One Real Estate employees will explain even during these complicated exchanges.
  • If you want to sell the purchased property in the future, of course, J.One Real Estate will help you!
  • Please feel free to contact us if you are buying or selling as a real estate investment.

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