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Manhattan area information

Japanese representative offices are concentrated around Grand Central Station in Midtown. Therefore, a large number of Japanese expatriates live in the high-rise doorman buildings (tower apartments) in Midtown East, Murray Hill, Midtown West, Upper East, and Upper West. Since these areas mentioned above have many good elementary school districts, many families with children live there. There used to be a lot of Japanese people in the downtown and villages, but due to rising rents, there are fewer Japanese people now, and more people are starting to move to Roosevelt Island, Queens, Brooklyn and the suburbs.

Midtown East – including Murray Hill

Midtown East

Located east of Fifth Avenue, New York’s luxury shopping district, it is the largest commercial district in the United States and is a skyscraper office district where many corporate headquarters buildings line up. Many Japanese companies gather here, making it a convenient and livable area for Japanese people. Because of the United Nations, it is always popular because there are many people who commute to the ambassadors’ residences and consulates of various countries, and executives who commute to the office district on foot. Japanese representative offices are concentrated around Grand Central Station, so there are Japanese restaurants, izakayas, piano bars, Japanese hair salons, Japanese video stores, Japanese doctors, Japanese bakeries, Japanese supermarkets ( Sunrise Mart, Katagiri, Dainobu), etc., making it the area with the largest number of Japanese expatriates. Murray Hill has a hospital of New York University (commonly known as NYU), so there are many doctors and hospital staff. The number of families with children is increasing because public order is good and the quality of elementary schools is good. There are few rental apartments, but many high-rise condominiums with doormen are popular. The Japanese school Lise Kennedy and our office are also located near Grand Central Station.

Midtown West – including Clinton Hill

Midtown West

In recent years, new high-rise rental apartments have been built one after another, and the area is becoming safer. Times Square, one of America’s leading tourist destinations, Broadway theaters, art museums, movie theaters, hotels, etc., are very busy. Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore, is located on 6th Avenue, and it is within walking distance from office districts such as Rockefeller Center, so there are many high-rise rental apartments with newly built doormen, making it a popular area for expatriates. . Rent is slightly cheaper than other areas because the number of rental apartments is much higher than in the East side. However, because the school district is not so good, it can be said that the area is favored by young couples without children who want to live in designer apartments.

upper east

Upper East

An old luxury residential area in Manhattan, New York. Located to the east of Central Park, 5th Avenue, Park Ave, Madison Ave, etc. have many old co-op properties where tenant screening is strict even for people with status. At the same time, there are many properties for students, and it can be said that this area has the largest number of rental properties in Manhattan. It is the safest and quietest area in Manhattan. There are many famous private schools (private elementary schools), and the quality of public schools is also high. Areas called Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill, and Yorkville are quiet residential areas where relatively new high-rise condominiums and rental apartments are built. The parks along the East River and Central Park are also substantial, and the school district is also good, so it is especially popular with families with children. Rents for apartments with two or more beds are particularly high, but there are so many rental apartments that it is easy to find properties, and old walk-up properties are relatively cheap. A very popular area for Japanese expats.

Upper West – including Columbus Circle

Upper West

A luxury area located west of Central Park. There are stylish shopping malls on Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center, and it is an upscale residential area where artists, musicians, and executives live. There are two subway lines running through the area, and it is very popular for its convenience, environment, and fashionableness. Because there are so many condominiums (condominiums) and high-class co-op buildings, there is a huge shortage of rental properties. Also, since there are many old co-ops in the vicinity of Central Park that have strict examinations, it can be said that it is quite a difficult area for Japanese people who do not have credit in the United States. However, newly built rental apartments and condominiums are lined up along the Hudson River and are popular with Japanese expatriates.

North of Harlem – including Washington Heights


To the west are Columbia University and New York City College. Rent is cheaper than other districts, but security is bad. Until now, the area was not very familiar to Japanese people, but since Columbia University is located on the west side, security has improved greatly, and fashionable restaurants and luxury buildings have increased at once. It’s an area that’s starting to become popular with Americans, but I can’t really recommend it to Japanese people. However, recently, luxury properties with indoor washing machines have been built targeting executives including Japanese expatriates, and Japanese people can be seen here and there. Even if the property itself is attractive, we recommend that you fully understand the surrounding area before signing a contract.

Chelsea – Including Hudson Yards


Since around 2010, many condominiums and rental buildings have been constructed. Hudson Yards near Penn Station is a new area with shopping malls, hotels, skyscraper apartments and office buildings. In addition, the development of a meatpacking area popular with young people has progressed, and clubs, bars, restaurants, galleries, etc. have opened one after another around the High Line, which was created using a closed elevated bridge, and is always attracting attention. area. Because it is stylish and has good access to the subway, rental property prices have skyrocketed. In addition, the gay (homosexual) population is also very large, so there are many stylish designer apartments and popular restaurants.

Gramercy – Including Nomad


An old quiet residential area. Historic buildings and stylish restaurants are mixed in beautiful roadside trees, making it a corner with atmosphere. There are a lot of upper-middle class residents, and there are a lot of buildings with strict screening, so there are few Japanese people. Many people have lived in the area for a very long time. Area with few rental apartments and lots of old coops. Union Square – The neighborhood is particularly popular with young people, but even properties without doormen are surprisingly expensive. On the other hand, there are more and more newly built Doorman Buildings and Tawamans in Nomad near Koreatown. Life is convenient because there is H-mart, a Korean grocery store.

Around East Village – including Lower East

East Village

There are many small boutiques, restaurants, bars and cafes, and at night young people flock to the bars and restaurants, making this a very lively area. A district where youth culture originates. A lot of Sunrise Mart which is Japanese supermarket and Japanese restaurant are convenient. There are also popular ramen shops such as Ippudo and Setagaya. Since there are universities such as New York University (commonly known as NYU) with high tuition fees, the rent is very high, but unfortunately there are many properties in poor condition. Area where there are few high-rise apartments with doorman. It used to be popular with Japanese students, but the rent is too high, so it’s drastically decreasing.

Around West Village – including Greenwich Village

West Village

For many years, artists, students, and other people seeking a free atmosphere have lived in Eri, and it is often used in dramas and movies. Due to its European-style old fashioned townscape, it is very popular and there are very few rental properties. Because there are so many restaurants owned by chefs, it is also said to be the birthplace of food. However, it is said that the vacancy rate in this area hits a record low every year, making it extremely difficult to find affordable rental properties. At the same time, there are very few high-rise condominiums with doormen, so there are very few Japanese people.

downtown, chinatown


It is hard to say that it is a comfortable place to live because it is a walk-up (no elevator) and there are many small rooms and many old buildings. It is attracting attention all at once. It’s also the only neighborhood in Manhattan that still has “bargain” properties. Security is improving, but it is wise to avoid walking around the East River after dark. Chinatown has been expanding year by year, extending to the vicinity of New York City Hall.

Soho – Including Nolita


It used to be a center of American art with many galleries and lofts, but now it has become a stylish boutique area that represents New York. difficult area. In the past, artists lived in this area while remodeling old lofts in order to keep rents down.



Area where a lot of famous restaurants representing New York are stylish. Due to the good school district, the number of children has increased rapidly in recent years. In particular, a park has been developed along the Hudson River, and new rental apartments built there are popular. Convenient location for commuting to the downtown business district, Wall Street and the World Financial Center. At one time, many Japanese expatriates lived in the area, but the popularity of the school district became a brand name among Americans, and as a result, rents rose sharply, leading to a downward trend. be.

Wall Street, Financial District

Financial District

In recent years, the number of high-rise rental apartments has been increasing in the central district of America’s financial business district. In the past, there were many Japanese companies in the World Trade Center, so there were some Japanese who lived in this area. has decreased to Battery Park is a quiet area along the Hudson River, and while there are many rental apartments, it is generally a bit bleak, making it a less suitable area to live in than other areas. One World Trade Center now stands on the site of the World Trade Center.

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