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Brooklyn local information

Dumbo, Bedford, Brooklyn Heights, etc. are popular, but there are very few Japanese people because the rent is very high. Not only are there many unsafe areas in Brooklyn, but there are also many properties that are not contracted for expatriates, so almost no expatriates live there. International students and local Japanese live in apartments such as Park Slope, Sunset Park, Williamsburg, and Green Point. Many new high-rise condominiums are starting to appear in the downtown area, which is popular with Americans, but not many Japanese live there yet because rents are as high as Manhattan.

brooklyn heights

Brooklyn Hights

Along the East River, there is a park with a good view of Manhattan. It has prospered as a high-class residential area for a long time, and the solid architecture makes you feel the history. There are almost no new properties, and there are many old co-ops with strict screening. There are many houses that have been living in this area for several generations, making it extremely difficult to find rental properties. Rent is very high. The school district is also very good, so public order is good. fort green Fort Green There are many hidden cafes and restaurants with a calm atmosphere in a beautiful cityscape lined with historical buildings and brownstones. There are also parks where green markets and flea markets are held, famous art colleges, and music schools, forming an arts and culture community. I am a little worried about security. It can be said that the area is still unfamiliar to Japanese people.



Near the Brooklyn Bridge, there is a park where you can see Manhattan. Not long ago, many artists moved from Manhattan to live in this area, but now it has developed into a popular area with some of the best luxury apartments in Brooklyn and offices for art and creative industries. There are many famous cafes and restaurants, and many events are held here because of the beautiful view of Manhattan. However, although it was originally a commercial district, the number of apartments and condominiums with concierge services has increased. Rent is very high.

downtown brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn

The area used to be unsafe, but in recent years many skyscraper apartments, condominiums, hotels, and shopping malls have been developed. Good access to subway.

Around Bedford

green point

Green Point

The area is known for having many Polish immigrants living there, but in recent years, many artists and students have moved from Bedford, where land prices are soaring. The area around the station has a unique atmosphere with stylish cafes and restaurants as well as traditional shopping streets. Although rent prices are more affordable than Bedford, land prices are gradually rising due to popularity. In addition, because the school district is relatively good, it is an area where you can see a lot of children with children.

bedford, williamsburg

Bedford, Williamsburg

It attracted attention because artists moved there from Manhattan, but now it has become more commercialized and is home to popular cafes, restaurants, interior shops, boutiques, and national chains. People from all over the United States as well as New York gathered in search of the atmosphere of the city unique to Williamsburg, and it became a lively and popular district. Property prices are very high both for rent and purchase, and some properties are higher than in Manhattan. Also, many properties other than newly built condominiums are of poor quality, so caution is required.

Around Park Slope

park slope

Park Slope

Located on the west side of Brooklyn’s largest Prospect Park, it is a beautiful, green and classic town, and was previously selected by New York Magazine as the most livable city in Manhattan, selected by New Yorkers. It is convenient because there are shopping streets, cafes and restaurants. Due to its popularity, the rent is high, and the area has many old properties. It also has a large number of children, making it one of the top destinations for couples living in Manhattan to move to.

Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights

The number of newly built condominiums is increasing, and the area is currently attracting attention due to the presence of the Barclays Center, the basketball stadium of the Brooklyn Nets. Although it is a little far from the station, there are restaurants with a good atmosphere and stylish cafes, and it is popular among young people. However, be careful as there are some areas where public safety suddenly deteriorates if you leave the area for a while.

carol garden

Carol Garden

An area with many long-time residents. Various events are held throughout the year in Carol Park in the area, and it is full of families. Despite the popularity of the area, the lack of large-scale development has resulted in a very small number of properties and high real estate prices. In the last few years of rent trends in Brooklyn, the area where the rent has risen the most.

cobol hill

Cobble Hill

Benefiting from the redevelopment of the Brooklyn Waterfront, this area is becoming increasingly popular with both families and singles. There are national chains such as Barneys Co-op and shops such as boutiques owned by individual owners, creating a stylish atmosphere. Because it is a luxury residential area, both rental and purchase prices are high. It is a popular area with many apartments that have been modernized even in pre-war buildings.

windsor terrace

Windsor Terrace

Cafes and restaurants are lined up around the station, but once you enter the residential area, it becomes a quiet and quiet residential area. Since many residents have lived here for a long time, there are few properties on the market. There aren’t many new buildings, and most of the buildings were built before the war.

sunset park

Sunset Park

Japan Village, located in the new shopping center Industry City, houses the Japanese grocery store Sunrise Mart, the used bookstore Book Off, sushi restaurants, izakayas, ramen shops and other Japanese restaurants, and Daiso. There are many Hispanic and Chinese residents, and there is a high concentration of inexpensive shops and restaurants, so there is no shortage of supplies for daily necessities. Although it is an area where relatively cheap properties are easy to find, real estate prices have started to soar in recent years, mainly in Chinatown.

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